The city where nobody is a foreigner

La CoruñaI could not miss this unique opportunity without talking about the city which saw me being born and growing up: La Coruña. This city is situated in a peninsula in the north west of Spain, specifically in the western province of the autonomous region of Galicia.

It can not be said that La Coruña is not a complete city, since you can enjoy the wonders that sea offers as well as the peaceful and quiet atmosphere of the mountains. Though city is complete, the sea has a great importance in the city, as all the city was built around it.La Torre de Hercules Moreover, the sea plays an important role in the city as the best touristic guide , since throughout the promenade which surrounds the sea along 5 kilometres It can be seen the main monuments of the city. So, walking along the promenade can be seen the Hercules’s tower, the only roman lighthouse which is running, or the superb Saint Anton’s Castle built in the 15th century.

But, La Coruña is not only sea, since throughout its streets can be seen great churches of the 14th century as well as beautiful parks as the Saint Maragarite. But what stands out most in the city is its main square. Situated in the heart of the city Maria Pita’s Square is a huge square built in honour of this woman who fought for saving us from the English invasion in the 17th century. Moreover, in this square is situated the City hall of the city, a fantastic neoclasic building.Maria Pita's Square

Indeed, a city to visit and taste its excellent seafood, since La Coruña is considered as one of the best cities where the best seafood is served. Do not doubt it and visit the city where nobody is a foreigner.


4 Responses to The city where nobody is a foreigner

  1. Oscarcio says:

    Q. ganas de pasear de nuevo por sus calles, sin duda una ciudad tranquila para vivir pero lleno de vida! No os dejeis de pasar por sus interesantes museos: Casa del Hombre, Planetario, el acuario…

  2. Roger O´Reilly says:

    This blog is fantastic!!!

  3. Roger O´Reilly says:

    I think you should make this more often, I find it so good!

  4. Oscarcio says:

    Roger you are right this blog is amazing! Javi you should advertice more your blog: Twitter, Facebook, Tuenti, postting some comments in another good “travel-blogs”…

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