Beauty and religion

Main squareBeauty and religion have always been synonimous in art. The labour of several religious orders have bestowed the humanity the great artistic field on which the architecture is based today. Romanic, gothic, baroque… all these styles were born and were developed thanks to the support of the Church.

La Alberca, situated in Castilla Leon, specifically in the province of Salamanca, has been become one of the most characteristic villages which shows its beauty throughout the religious trail of its ancestors. With more than nine religious buildings whose arquitectonic styles vary from the romanic to the gotic style, La Alberca offers a great walk to remember the Spanish and European history of the last four centuries.

Among these buildings stand out the Chapel of Nuestra Señora de Majadas Viejas, situated in the centre of a thick wood of oaks which bestows it a mystic halo , and the Chapel of San Marcos which offers the visitors the opportunity of contemplating the great landscape whichErmita de Majadas surrounds the village.

But, La Alberca is not only churches and Ermitas but the nature also plays an important role. The national park of Las Battuecas where it can be found prehistoric caves and the Carmelita Monastery where literary myth of Batuecas was born.

Indeed, a city to admire where from its walls you can learn a piece of the Spanish history. If you have the chance,Do not think twice and go to this wonderful place.


One Response to Beauty and religion

  1. Oscarcio says:

    Es un pueblo precioso q merece la pena visitar, además es un lugar q nos une porque alli estuvimos con el Grupo Natural 🙂 q recuerdos! pero en breves conoceremos más lugares juntos por mis dominios alemanes, jajajaja!

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