Where the art begins…

CadaquésThe Spanish surrealism can be only identified with a name: Salvador Dalí. This great artist could never have started his career without the inspiration that this village gave to him. Indeed, this village, saw how this movement of art was born.

Geographically, Cadaqués is a town in the Alt Empordá comarca, in Girona province (Catalonia); Specifically, it can be found on a bay near the Cap de Creus Peninsula, on the Costa Brava of the Mediterranean sea. Its proximity to Barcelona , it is only a two-and-a-half hour driving from there, has bestowed this village the flow of tourists that the beauty of this village deserves.

Among the crystal clear waters and its great vegetation of the Natural Park of Creus, can be found some cultural buildings. The first building is the Salvador Dali’s House, now become a museum where you can revise all his life and contemplate some of his wonderfull masterpieces. Otherwise, The white church of Cadaqués is also one of its best attractions. Dated in the Seventeenth Century, its gotic walls illuminate the whole village.Beach of Cadaqués

There is no doubt that the beauty, tranquility and history of this village have turned Cadaques into one of the best touristic lures of the East Coast of Spain. Indeed, a place to visit and enjoy.

P.S. Sorry for the delay! The Easter holidays made me be lazy!


3 Responses to Where the art begins…

  1. Martin Mc Cormick says:

    Hello Javier! You write very well, keep on doing it!!
    See you!!

    • javito21187 says:

      Thank you for having read it. It is always a pleasure to know that people read your stuff. Thank you so much!

  2. Martin Mc Cormick says:

    No! Thank you!! Continue with this great work!!

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