¡Del barco de Chanquete no nos moverán!

Cave of NerjaNever before a Tv series had helped so much to promote a village. The Spanish show “Verano Azul” (Blue summer) during 2 years of emition announced the wonderful places of this village as well as its incredible food. Indeed, Nerja, situated in Malaga, has become a reference for the tourists in the south of Spain.

Beaches with crystalline waters fitted in the middle of the Penibetican range like Burriana, Calahonda, El Salón, La Torrecilla or Playazo, bestow the city the atmosphere of the South of Spain. But, in Nerja everything is not Beach and Sun , since two important monuments decorate the village: The European Balcony and its caves.

The European Balcony, named by Alfonso XIII in 1885, offers the best views of the zone. FromEl Playazo this point you can see the other attraction of the village: its caves. The Caves of Nerja ,discovered in 1959 with its huge stalactites and stalagmites, are one of the most prized bastions of Spain, so much so they are situated in third position, behind the museum of the Prado and “La Alhambra” in the ranking of most visited monuments.

A place to see and sing, since you can not go to Nerja without knowing by heart the Chanquete’s song. You can start practicing with this video!


One Response to ¡Del barco de Chanquete no nos moverán!

  1. Óscar says:

    Cuantos recuerdos de la infancia me trae este post, la verdad es q debe de ser un sitio increible la pena es q estara masificado y no se disfrute tanto como en los tiempos de Chanquete!

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