Betanzos: A walk through the History

BetanzosAfter an arduous assigment week, it is time to discover one of the most beatiful village situated in the North West of Spain, specifically in the porvince of A Coruña, my home city. Among the great places that this province owns, Betanzos is considered as one of its most preciated bastions.

Just 15 kilometros from A Coruña, this village agglutinates all kind of the historical remains from the civilizations which settled down in this part of the Peninusule. So, from its Castro belonging to the Celtic culture as well as the Roman wall which surrounds the village, to its medieval churches and recently museums and buildings like “La Casa del pueblo”, this village oozes history.

Church of San FranciscoIt is impossible to talk about Betanzos without mentioning its village carnival where the biggest ballon made of paper flies through the sky above the crowded “Campo” square between canticles and jubilation.

By plane, car or even balloon! Just go there and understand why this place is one of the most beautiful places of the region.

Here you have a video from last carnival! enjoy it!


4 Responses to Betanzos: A walk through the History

  1. nure says:

    poco he podido leer que es muy tarde y se me caen los ojos, pero te seguire 😉
    suerte y espero vernos pronto crack
    un fuerte saludo!

  2. Óscar says:

    Enhorabuena por tu nuevo post, pero creo que tiene un fallo, el globo no lo sueltan por Carnaval sino a mediados de agosto en las fiestas de S. Roque, o eso creo! Por lo demás en tu estilo, me gusta!

    • javito21187 says:

      Hey! Muchas a gracias a todos por leer!! Ya es todo un logro!

      Oski: Es que en ingles carnival puede significar como fiestas del pueblo… o eso creo!!

  3. Óscar says:

    Muchisisisimas gracias por la aclaración del vocabulario, entonces un post 100% perfecto!

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