A paradise in the middle of nowhere

AstorgaA good food, a better hospitality and the best monuments of the plateau of Castile are enough reasons to gain a spot in my blog. Astorga, city situated in the northwestern zone of the Autonomous Region of Castilla y León, has been a nerve centre since its foundation in the Roman age.

From the Roman age there are still some historical remains which bestows the town an halo of greatness and majesty. The most important Roman contruction in the city is its wall. Dated in the third Century this wall surrounds the city along 2295 metros leading the Roman route in which it is found all the historical remains from this ancient civilization.Cathedral

Not only the Romans antiques remain in this town but numerous buildings an monuments were built along the history. Among all the monuments there are two which deserve a special mention: Saint Mary’s Cathedral and the Episcopal Palace.

The contruction of Saint Mary’s Cathedral started in 1471 and it was finished 1965, 496 years later of its beginning, because of a several eathquakes which affected to the basis of the cathedral. This slowly contructions also gave the cathedral the opportunity of inlcuding new features and styles to its walls. So, this building combines so different styles like the Romanesque or the Baroque. Indeed, a monument to see.

Episcopal PalaceFollowing the religious tradition of the zone, there is a monument which shines over the other ones: The Epispocal Palace. Designed by the magnificient architec and sculptor, Antoni Gaudi, this palace is the architectural jewel of the zone. Built between 1889 and 1915 the building shows marvellously the Gaudi’s characterists and all the atmosphere which can be seen in his masterpiece: The Sacred Family.

But I could not leave this post whithout saying that people in this region are known for their hospitality and their delicious foods such as the Cecina and the Mantecadas.

Indeed, a place to see and taste!!!



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