And the best beach in the world is…

in Spain!!! According to The Guardian, the best beach in the world is situaded in the North West of Spain,Islas Cíes specifically in the province of Pontevedra where the archipelago of Islas Cíes is found. In this geographical feature surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean is located the Rodas Beach, a marvellous enclave where let your dreams fly and feel the freedom in your lungs.

As the renowned newspaper says “the water is turquoise enough, the sand white enough to believe you are in the Caribe…until you dip your toe in the water. Then it feels more like Skegness. You can sleep in an idyllic campsite, shaded by tall pine trees, with a view over the ocean. And, this being Spain, there’s even a proper restaurant serving great seafood” Everthing you need to have a peaceful and funny vacations. You would never miss someone or something if you had the chance to go there

Rodas Beach

So, not in the Caribe, the Mediterranean or in Oceanía, the best beach is in my country! I am very proud of it.

Stop visiting the South of Spain looking for the sun and the good beaches and start to know something about the North, usually the most unknown part of Spain.


3 Responses to And the best beach in the world is…

  1. eliopotangas says:

    the best bitches are in the south of spain, that’s for sure! viva marbella!

  2. javito21187 says:

    of course they are!

  3. marisa says:

    Marbella’s bitches? you mean as whores? For sure… As for BEACHES, the best are in Galicia as it has been proved!! Viva Galicia! The best food, the best people and the best BEACHES.

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